Etude House Play Color Eyes Juice Bar

$26.40 $18.50


Etude House Play Color Eyes Juice Bar

$26.40 $18.50

(4 customer reviews)

Brand: Etude House

Name: Play Color Eyes Juice Bar

Product Specifications: For all skin types.

Country of Origin: Made in Korea.

Silicon Coated powder pigment for lasting makeup
Soft micro beads absorb sebum and lets the makeup stay longer

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Etude House Play Color Eyes Juice Bar


This is a 10 color eye shadow like a glass of  juice comes in various textures for different expression of the eyes for different occasions.


Etude House Play Color Eyes Juice Bar

How to apply

With enclosed tip’s wider surface, spread base color onto eyelid and with tip’s narrow surface, apply shadow for gradation, eye edges or delicate application to lash line.



Etude House Play Color Eyes Juice Bar

1. Use only as directed.

2. Avoid storing in high/low temperatures or in areas exposed to direct sunlight.

3. Stop using if it causes any allergic reaction or any problems arising.



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Etude House

Etude House Play Color Eyes Juice Bar

Additional information

Weight200 g

4 reviews for Etude House Play Color Eyes Juice Bar

  1. Tatu

    I have to say that i loved this palette is a really great investment The orangy and pinkish colors look amazing and intense on the skin I loved how some of the shadows have glitter pigments on them and they last during the day

  2. Larraine

    This is so pretty very happy I bought this, has some lovely peach and orange and brown colors, very pretty eyeshadows. Good value too. I am mature older person and this looks really nice on all ages.

  3. Luchia

    I was pretty mad at myself for buying this at first, because I came into the store looking for certain colors, and left with….a palette of not quite those colors. I normally avoid palettes with too many brown/earth tones, because they always look terrible with my skin type (kind of olive) and make my eyes just look dark…in a sickly way and not a sexy way. These brown tones somehow look really nice on my skin though. These are definitely a more everyday colors than a dramatic kind of palette- most of the colors aren’t very pigmented, though they blend nicely. I was particularly impressed by the staying power. One morning I didn’t apply primer, but at the end of the day the colors I put on still looked fresh and new. So I guess my point is, I imagined shades that weren’t as pigmented would fade quicker, but that isn’t the case with these.
    One note on the packaging- opening the case isn’t too hard, but there’s a jolt that always makes the applicators jump out and all over the place, which is kind of irritating lol. Maybe they need a little something to click in place and stay put.

  4. Christina

    Love the orange and peach shades, worth it!

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